Although it seems simple, shopping for a rug that is capable of sufficing you and your family’s needs just isn’t – period! From the kids’ bathrooms to your master bedroom one, or from the loo which your parents use to the backyard toilet, the variables are just endless!

However, here’s a simple guide to get you started; feel free to take a read!

1) Make sure it’s absorbent.

Regardless of state-of-the-art drainage systems, waterproof tiling or round-the-clock ventilation, most bathrooms are subject to an occasional splurge of water every now and then – especially post use. We’re all aware that any form of moisture within the interiors of any home is a strict no-no and therefore it makes sense to invest in a bath rug that is well capable of absorbing water as efficiently as possible.

Out of a number of fabrics that are involved in the crafting of bathroom carpets, cotton and shag are exclusively ideal for absorbing excess water after a tap or faucet is opened, or after someone steps out with dripping feet from the bath tub.

2) Make sure it’s sturdy.

Slipping topsy-turvy due to a flimsy bath rug is sure going to be one painful calamity, now isn’t it? Therefore, look for bath rugs that have an anti-grip sole once you flip it over on its underside, preferably of rubber.

On a more natural note, bamboo-based mats also provide an intensive force of surface tension in order to prevent slippages.

If one is to elaborate on the aspect of a non-slip factor in rugs, this is the most important aspect that any homeowner should be vigilant of for the overall safety of any family member depends on it, especially that of elders and toddlers.

3) Make sure it’s durable.

I’m sure that none of us want to throw away any rug that has been depleted due to an overall low quality in its manufacturing, now isn’t it? It’s like throwing away money! Rather than solely following lead of what the sales girl at the mart is displaying to you, feel free to have an observant knack for detail by looking here, there and everywhere; period.

Lay mats down and experiment with your feet; slip-prone, or not? How about its absorption quotient – is this just for beautifying an empty corner or does it present function as well as form?

That’s right: it’s all about having a retail eye! If ever you’re not well versed between the different variants and niches of bathroom rugs, educate yourself on this subject before you head out with your wallet; this could make all the difference between choosing what’s good and what’s not.

4) Make sure it’s warm.

What with Britain liable to harsh, wintry seasons, a bath mat which has insulating properties is just perfect for maintaining optimum comfort to one’s feet first thing in the morning. For this, focus on purchasing mats which are mostly comprised of fabric – heavy-duty plastic or rubber rugs shall not deem fit for this specific purpose.

What’s more, although these rugs are just a tad expensive than their simpler functional counterparts, they’ll make a spectacular decorative addition to your home!

About The Author: Lana Joseph an entrepreneur and a freelance writer who writes about things that inspires and gets notified to her in society.  At present she writes about society, travel, food habit, Cheap Rugs and home improvement.